Superbolt manufacturers Mechanical Jack Bolt Tensioners. These simple to use fasteners are designed to preload bolts on a flanged joint without the need for powered torque wrenches or hydraulic tensioners. Using simple hand tools, very high bolt loads can be attained eliminating the challenges posed by operating bulky hydraulic torque and tensioning tools.

How it works

Main bolt is loaded by tightening the multiple jack bolts on the Super Nut. This results in a clamping force on the gasket or joint.


•Tremendous clamping force available •Low torque requirement – only hand tools needed

Ideal solution for bolts where access is limited and use of heavy hydraulic tools is difficult. Also used to replace torqued bolts that are prone to leaking due to heat cycling or vibration. Because the bolt is tightened in pure tension, it is easy to install and remove the SuperBolt.

Superbolts are available in many different styles and sizes. Contact us to find the right Superbolt for your application.