T Series

Standard Topside Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - 1500 Bar

TSR+ Series

Auto Return Topside Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - 1500 Bar

G Series

Subsea Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners - 1500 Bar

Split Reaction Nuts

Boltight is a manufacturer of Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners from the UK. Boltight makes tensioners for Topside & Subsea applications with operating pressures of 1000 Bar to 1500 Bar. Special Multistage Tensioners are also available individually and in the form of kits for most Powergen applications like Gas Turbine Casings, Steam Turbine Casings and Wind Turbines. Boltight also manufactures custom designed solutions including Multi Stud Tensioning Systems for applications in subsea and nuclear reactors.


Multistage Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners for Powergen


Pneumatic, Electric & Hand Operated Hydraulic Tensioning Pumps